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Trixter X-Bike 1000 Indoor Cycling Bike
Trixter X-Bike 1000 Indoor Cycling Bike

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The Total Body X-Bike brings the benefits of Outdoor Cycling Indoors. The patented... Read more
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Trixter X-Bike 1000 Indoor Cycling Bike
Trixter X-Bike 1000 Indoor Cycling Bike
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Detailed Information for Trixter X-Bike 1000 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Total Body X-Bike brings the benefits of Outdoor Cycling Indoors. The patented X-Bars allow the user to engage the upper body into the workout along with the legs and cardiovascular system. This improves the whole body workout and it really feels as though you are cycling outside.

The X-Bike offers a wide range of workouts. With conventional exercise bikes you are limited to a sit down workout that only uses the legs. The X-Bike allows you to sit, stand, sprint, turn, coast and shift from side to side as if you were cycling outdoors, therefore ensuring that the whole body receives a workout.

X-Bike 1000 Quick Specifications:

  • Highly durable commercial grade bike design
  • Unique patented X-Bars" mechanism
  • Mountain bike style handlebars with bar-ends
  • 40 lb precision balanced flywheel with protective fender
  • Freewheel chain drive facilitating superior training flexibility and unrivalled safety
  • 7 levels of upper-body resistance
  • 32 levels of pedaling resistance actuated at the handlebar with a GripShifter"
  • V-Brake resistance caliper with oversize wool resistance pads
  • Micro-adjustable rider compartment
  • High strength forged aluminum cranks mounted on a sealed ISIS bottom bracket
  • Dual powder coated paint for maximum corrosion protection
  • Sweat protection guards for all moving parts
  • High quality corrosion resistant fittings
  • Worldwide EN957 compliant
  • Warranty  5 years frame, 1 year parts and 6 months wearable parts
  • Union Cyclist International (UCI) endorsed
  • Some assembly required

Athletes & Cyclists Reviews

Just to prove that we mean what we say when speaking about how X-Biking is as close as you can get to the real experience of outdoor cycling, check out the profiles of the elite athletes below and read how they feel about how the X-Bike has help advance their performance in sport.

Greg Minnaar
World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Champion 05, 03, 01
Norba Downhill Champion 04, 03

"To win the World Cup, a series of 8 races, my key word is consistency. For this I invariably use the X-Bike as it gives me the complete warm up I need before tackling the World Cup downhill courses. The race courses these days are so demanding on all parts of your body that for me it's vital not just to warm up the legs, but my entire body before the race. I've been using the X-Bike now for 2 years and there is no question that using the X-Bike has been integral in my recent success. 5 of my World Cup wins were achieved by integrating X-Bike training into my preparations".

Missy Giove
2 times World Champion and 3 times U.S National Champion now working as a training consultant and mega advocate to Trixter North America.

Missy States X-Bike gives me an ultimate full-body workout while I get my cardio in at the same time. It has helped me get leaner and stronger as a result. It also helps me strengthen joint integrity in my shoulders. It really is superior indoor training

Scott Beaumont
2 times World Champion and 8 times British National Champion, currently preparing for the 2005 tour with and X-Bike. A Trixter share holder and serious fan of X-Bike

Scott states Ive been blown away by the benefits the X-Bike has brought, and Im really excited at the gains which I know are coming in the future as I make more use of the bike. Ill be keeping an X-Bike in my new Motorhome, so no matter where I am I can get a quality workout, whatever the weather. The fact that the music for the workouts deliver similar interval training to those which my trainer planned for me in the past gives me the reassurance that Im not wasting my training time. SB Oct 2004

Christophe Sauser
Another Swiss based XC mountain biker, Christophe competed in this years Athens Olympics as well as a regular on the World Cup, Sea Otter Classic and Swisspower Cup. Loves warming up on his X-Bike.
Quote: Before the Trixter Bike came out I did not know that indoor riding could be fun too! The Trixter Bike comes really close to real riding! You can ride it even off the saddle, because of the ergonimic moving handle bar&it has made a big contribution to my training Nov 2004

X-Bike&" Indoor Performance Bike FEATURES


  • High strength attractive tubular and elliptical steel X-bike" Frame to
    provide an incredibly solid X-Bike", strong enough to handle riders
    300lbs (135kg).
  • 170 mm forged aluminium alloy crank arms with ISIS spline bottom
    bracket mount with 104/64, 4 bolt chain ring pattern for increased strength
    and reliability. Crank arms are interchangeable with all popular top
    quality crank arms except Shimano, so users can install their desired crank
    arm length
  • 40lb (18.2kg) Balanced Cast Flywheel providing optimum pedalling
  • Heavy gauge steel chain guard sufficiently rigid not to crack or bend.
  • High strength elliptical tube 700mm wide base legs for total stability
  • Corrosion resistant steel hardware throughout mechanism to prevent
    corrosion or freezing.
  • Maximum Dimensions (Not working): Lth 47.5 inches x Wth 28.5
    inches x Hgt 39 inches
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Commercial Warranty: Frame-5 Years, Parts-1 Years, Labor-6 Months,
    Wear Items-6 Months (Country Dependent)
  • All other part and components are protected under the warranty for
    twelve-months after date of purchase. The X-Bike‘ Frame is protected
    under the warranty for five- years after date purchase.

X-BARS" Handlebar System

  • The die cast aluminium X-Bars" System is lightweight with high
    strength properties capable of withstanding 125lb- ft (170N- m) torque and
    220lb (100kg) vertical load at the end of the handlebars.
  • Authentic tamper proof Trixter Enabled identification holographic
    decal placed under the surface clear coat.
  • Laser etched chrome plated square X-Bars" adaptor to provide total
    lock against turning slip.
  • X-Bars" Bearings and Pivots constructed from high wear resistant
    Chrome Plated Hardened Steel S45C and SCM430 materials.
  • X-Bars" Pivot Bushings and sliders constructed from maintenance free
    self lubricating composites paired up with slide runners made from high
    wearing hard anodised aluminium.
  • 27 (680mm) straight 2014 aluminium handlebars to cater for wide reach
    upper body workout.
  • 4-bolt clamp handlebar clamp to provide a very secure bar fitment.
  • Boxer Bar ends
  • Handlebar Grips  Hi grip rubber compound.
  • Non-corrosive hardware fitted throughout mechanism to prevent


  • True Cycle Geometry provided by the unique trapezoidal movement
    about a virtual cycling pivot point.
  • Optimum low impact total body workout for the most efficient
    combined cross training to be found on an indoor cycle.
  • Adjustable Hydraulic X-Bars" Damper resistance to enhance various
    levels of upper body exercise
  • X-Bars" Return to Zero system providing up to 170lb (780N) pulling
    force in the mechanism to centralise the bars for regular spinning.
    o Boxer Bar Ends which provide alternative upper body muscle group
    workouts and also provide a wrist rest for added rider comfort.
  • High inertia drive system comprised of the 40lb (18.2kg) flywheel and
    direct drive gearing to simulate closely the feel of road riding. The
    sidewall resistance surface of the flywheel is machined to a perfectly even
    finish. Each wheel is finely balanced through a carefully programmed
    drilling operation to remove small quantities of distributed weight. The
    flywheel assembly is completed by fitting a high quality bearing.
  • The transmission system is built to pro road bike standards. TH Power Pro
    9900st Bottom Bracket with ISIS spline drive, hollow, chrome molly
    steel spindle and sealed cartridge bearings. Standard 68mm bottom
    bracket width, 110 mm spindle length. The ISIS spline crank arm
    mounting system is superior to square tapered spindles because it is
    stronger, less likely to squeak or come lose and makes crank arm removal
    and installation faster and easier.
  • 3 x 1 (75mm x 25mm) felt pads to provide smooth pedal action and
    evenly distributed resistance.
  • KMC S10 Stainless Steel chain (Ĺ x 1/8  116 links) for low
  • Shimano SF-MX30 Ĺ x1/8, 16T freewheel and 52 tooth steel chain ring
    for added life.
  • VP D68 aluminium alloy two sided pedals with chrome molly axles
    allowing a choice of SPD clip-less or half-toe clip.

Style & Comfort

  • Highly attractive and futuristic curved monocoque X-Bike" Frame built
    from round and elliptical tubular steel.
  • 3 Tone, corrosion-resistant, zinc plated and powder coated metallic paint
    system with added protective and cosmetic enhancing clear lacquer
    coating system for unrivalled presentation and corrosion resistance
  • Integrated moving covers system displaying working geometry.
  • Stylish front fender enhancing X-Bikes" look and keeping the
    corporate curved image throughout.
  • Contoured highly cushioned seat  male and female for maximum comfort
  • Rider controls are all conveniently located, simple to use and allow for
    maximum rider comfort and non- interrupted X-Biking" Ride.
  • Paint system  as above with the added benefit of accepting all
    conventional cleaning materials.
  • Sweat protection  All covers and general X-Bike features are
    specifically designed to channel sweat away from sensitive areas.
  • Rubber seals provided at all points directly within the sweat zone
    ensuring no sweat ingress to the working mechanisms.
  • Easily replaceable plastic covers on the handlebars and frame to protect
    your investment.
  • Plastic kick-plate cover to protect the frame paintwork when mounting
    and dismounting the X-Bike" Indoor Cycle.
  • Front flywheel fender to channel sweat away from sensitive areas
    including moving parts and V-Brake system.
  • V-Brake mechanism is fitted below the flywheel, well out of sweat zone
    for increased longevity and ease of maintenance.
  • Chain guard to protect the moving drive parts.
  • Full seam rubber seals around the chain guard to keep corrosive sweat
    away from moving parts inside.
  • Protective plastic caps on 4 corners of base le gs.

Service and Maintenance

  • Quick release covers for accessing dampers and springs when necessary.
  • Chain cover with oiling point  exceptional ease of maintenance
  • Easily accessible chain tensioning points.

Mobility & Storage

  • Two Large, 3(75mm) diameter polyurethane transport wheels to absorb
    uneven floor surfaces and also to assist when moving X-Bike" through
    door thresholds. Polyurethane wont scuff or mark floors either.


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