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Leg Curl Machines


Leg curl machines turn a smart focus on the strengthening and stretching of your leg muscles. Taking the strain off joints while maximizing range of motion, they deliver smooth adjustable performance. Most combine curl functions with leg extension capability. Read More


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Body Solid Pro Club Leg Extension Machine
Body Solid Pro Club Leg Extension Machine
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Multisports Leg Extension / Leg Curl Bench
Multisports Leg Extension / Leg Curl Bench
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Why Buy Leg Curl Machines


Leg curl machines assist you in realizing your full potential for leg and joint strength. Starting with biomechanically savvy designs and solid frames, they add durable padding and easy to use weight adjustments. Curl exercises stretch your glutes and hamstrings while extension exercises target quadriceps.

On many models users easily add resistance weight to sturdy weight-plate posts. Higher-end machines incorporate conveniently operated weight stacks with state of the art cable connections. Precise alignment and friction-free movement of parts ensures smooth operation and minimal stress on joints.

Lying leg curl machines, as their name suggests, promote leg strength during prone exercise routines. Seated leg curl machines offer adjustable, generously padded seats that reduce spinal compression and promote a full range of motion. Some feature a press plate rather than a lift bar

When shopping for your machine, you might look for generous padding, adjustable foot pads, and hold down bars that provide a stabilizing grip during routines. The more weights involved, the more powerful the workout. All models meet your needs for quick and effective leg strengthening.

Also take a look other strength training products such us our Smith Machines and Power Racks section to complete your full body workout and exercise routine.



Leg Curl Machines
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