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Preacher Curl Machines


Preacher curl machines are brilliant at isolating your biceps while keeping your upper arms stationary during lifts. The result is amazingly thick biceps without elbow stress. Today’s models are designed for comfort and adjust to your needs.


Why Buy Preacher Curl Machines


Preacher curl machines stabilize your body during your training routine. Sitting on an adjustable padded seat, you'll find the machine provides a perfectly angled rest for your upper arms. You reach out either to a traditional weight bar held on a rack or to a v-bar attached to a lifting arm equipped with a post for your own max of weight plates.

As you lift you realize an intense bicep-focused exercise that eliminates bends, twists and turns, those body compensations that adjust for a weight load in front of you. No cheating here. Triceps, too, can be targeted on models that rely on an adjustable lifting arm. The key to these machine's effectiveness is their ability to isolate your target muscle.

Things you may look for when shopping for the right model for you include an adjustable seat, thick and durable padding, structural integrity of the frame and a stable design.

You'll be in the company of weight lifting champs when you start working out on your new preacher curl machine.

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Preacher Curl Machines
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