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Calf Machines


Calf machines develop and sculpt one of your leg's most powerful muscles. Carry out your calf raises on ergonomically designed machines that focus on deep muscle penetration. A range of high performance machines can serve you at the gym or at home. Read More


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Deltech Fitness DF805 Seated Calf Machine
Deltech Fitness DF805 Seated Calf Machine
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Body Solid Leverage Squat Calf Machine
Body Solid Leverage Squat Calf Machine
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Why Buy Calf Machines


To blast your calves efficiently and safely, turn to a calf machine to provide low-stress, high-outcome results. With feet on an ergonomically designed foot platform or posts, you raise your calves while pressing your upper knees against a graded weight load, stretching and toning your calf muscles for a deep muscle workout.

Most seated calf machines allow for the easy addition of standard plates on a smoothly pivoting weight carriage. High-gauge steel frames take on the heaviest loads. Easy pull-pin adjustments make for quick changes and accommodate all size users. Foot platforms are designed for a full range of motion, ensuring speedy, sculpted muscle development.

Other calf machines are incorporated into multifunction stations that address other muscle groups. In addition to calf raises, these machines may accommodate leg presses, donkey squats and hack squats, putting the weight load on lumber muscles and shoulders as well as on legs.

When purchasing your machine, look for thick, durable padding on seats and kneepads plus a secure foot platform that allows for full motion without concentrated stress. Check out the weight ratio and the pivoting mechanism. While all machines are built tough, some may offer higher weight capacity. If you want to broaden your workout choices on one machine, turn to a multifunction model.

Watch your calves become stronger and more developed with a calf machine for home or gym.

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