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Free weight enthusiasts can push their solo routines to the limits with Smith Machines, power racks, cable crossovers and other cages. Sturdy and versatile, these exercise equipment innovations help expand strengthening options while providing a safe strength-building environment. Read More


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Body Solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine
Body Solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine
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Deltech Fitness DF4900 Linear Bearing Smith Machine
Deltech Fitness DF4900 Linear Bearing Smith Machine
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Why Buy Smith Machine & Rack


From stable weight racks to highly adaptable cable crossover machines, this category of exercise equipment matches your needs for a safer yet still flexible workout. Racks and cages give you a framework for success with your free weights while cable machines help you stretch, tone and strengthen for everyday fitness or sports activities.

Power racks, like those you see in every commercial gym, give weightlifters plenty of walk-in room. A varying range of secure weight positions allows for easy lift offs and replacements. Generously spaced rods provide safety while still allowing for a wide range of motion. Racks can be combined with benches and other options for flat, incline, decline and row attachment exercises.

Smith machines provide a series of vertical resting places for the free-weight lifting bar. These sturdy racks pioneered the option of spotter-free training. They, too, combine with benches to offer a full gamut of upper body and leg strengthening routines. Stable frameworks often feature weight posts for plates not in use; these ingeniously counterbalance the engaged weight bar.

Cable crossover exercise machines feature easy-to-grasp pulley bars attached to high-tension cables housed on a sturdy metal frame. High and low pulley stations allow for a huge range of movement, getting your body fit for life and sport. Resistance is provided by weight plates added to the pulley system. The extensive choice of exercises on these machines includes cable rows, cable crossovers, arm and leg curls, abdominal cable crunches, and more.

Power cages offer similar functions to power racks, with walk in designs, plenty of lateral clearance and heavy steel construction for heavy-duty free-weight lifting loads. This is the key to squats, shrugs, calf raises, bench presses and more.

Also available other strength fitness equipment such us our Chest Press Machines to boost your chest and pectorals muscles.



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