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Bars, Handles, Clamps


The support of all your barbell and dumbbell weight lifting options is the bar or handle that holds your weight plates. The best materials and ease of use set our standards for Olympic bars, standard weight bars and the clamps that hold them. Read More


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Body Solid Olympic 5 Bar Holder
Body Solid Olympic 5 Bar Holder
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Olympic and Standard Bars: Hampton 60 Inch Beefy Bar
Olympic and Standard Bars: Hampton 60 Inch Beefy Bar
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Why Buy Bars, Handles, Clamps


The finest Olympic bars and standard weight bars are your perfect handle on weight lifting routines. Here is where your hands meet the metal. You want to be secure that the materials and the workmanship of the bar will hold the weight you are aiming to carry while also remaining comfortable and safe.

When choosing a barbell, you can pick either the Olympic bars or the standard-weight bar option. Because Olympic bars are larger, Olympic plates have a different hole size than one-inch regular weight plates. Adaptors are available. And some standard weight bars will give you an Olympic-sized grip with the ability to slip on standard plates. Other bar options include curl, tricep and trap bars.

Clamps secure weight plates to the bar with pins, collars, hooks and other sophisticated locking devices. Clamps should attach as securely as possible and be easily locked and unlocked.

Check on whether or not the bar is a single piece of metal or welded. Material options include aluminum, solid steel, black oxide and chrome. Be sure to consider the length bar you are going to need for your size, for the dimensions of the machine or rack you will be using and for the size of the expected plate load. The knurled area of the bar should ensure a firm, comfortable grip.

Choose the best when you are choosing these important key elements of your weight lifting equipment.

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Bars, Handles, Clamps
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