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Weight Trees & Racks


Weight racks and weight trees help you organize and store your weight plates and dumbbells. The result is a better organized, and thus safer, workout area. Heavy-duty construction meets easy use in today’s racks and trees. Read More


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Body Solid Powerline E Z Load Olympic Weight Trees
Body Solid Powerline E Z Load Olympic Weight Trees
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Body Solid Standard Weight Tree & Bar Holder
Body Solid Standard Weight Tree & Bar Holder
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Why Buy Weight Trees & Racks


Free Weight racks and weight trees help solve the problem of what to do with weight plates and dumbbells not currently in use. They provide a solid, stable frame for hanging weights. This helps keep your workout area organized. Up off the floor and out of your way, the free weights also remain cleaner. And when it comes to finding the weight you need, racks and trees help keep your choices apparent and accessible.

The term weight racks commonly refers to upright frames designed to hold plates on a series of posts. Heavy-duty materials and solid welds ensure durability while the frame design helps to center the weight load to provide stability. Posts materials allow for easy placing and removal of plates.

Dumbbell racks provide a similar function, getting loose weights off the floor and onto a sturdy, organized platform. Not only is your workout area made safer, you are better able to choose weights quickly as you move from exercise to exercise.

Weight trees get their name from their tree-like configuration. Their triangular shape helps to distribute the weight load downward and outward while making placing and removing of plates less congested. Like racks, they provide a series of posts for hanging plates.

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