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Scales & Body Fat Testers


Scales and body fat testers remain one of the most essential gauges of your overall health and fitness. Get your baseline and measure your progress toward your weight and body fat goals. High technology meets ease of use with today's measuring tools. Read More


Why Buy Scales & Body Fat Testers


Scales and body fat testers are essential to measuring your progress toward your fitness goals. Whether your objective is weight loss or muscle-based weight gain, you need a means to calibrate your starting point and your goal attainment.

First among these is a scale that can track your weight change. The old bathroom scale has come of age in the era of clean reliable electronically-based measurement and LCD readouts. Choose the scale that meets your weight capacity demands and that is easy to read and store. Scales are generally instantly on and can be read in increments of either pounds or kilograms. Eye-level scales bring the read-out and the controls to your standing level.

Body fat testers take scales a step farther. They depend on bioelectrical impedance analysis. By sending a harmless electrical current through your body, they measure various densities of fat, muscle and bone to predict, through a calculation, your body fat
percentage. Once you determine your baseline, you can track changes by taking your measurement under similar conditions each time, such as at the same time of day after drinking a similar amount of fluids. The calculations vary as it relates to the user, so find a machine that is capable of handling, say, different ages, genders and fitness levels.

As with scales, body fat testers offer quick easy-to-read results. Be sure yours can handle the full number of potential users, their different fitness levels and their maximum weights. Accuracy of body fat/body water measurements varies with the cost of the tester.

To find your starting point and measure your strides to fitness, add a scale and a body fat tester to your essential fitness equipment list.

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Scales & Body Fat Testers
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