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Exercise Balls


Exercise balls are your simple key to ultimate core-body training. Whether you choose relaxing stretches, seated workouts or weight training, a ball gives you the added benefit of increased muscle involvement at a level you can handle. Read More


Why Buy Exercise Balls


Exercise balls are fun and effective. As soon as you sit on one you are engaging major muscle groups to keep your balance. Take a foot off the ground, and you are challenging your body even more. Add stretches and flexibility exercises, and you are adding greater complexity to your routine. Lie on one and your abs and back get an immediate workout.

Yoga and Pilates practitioners find these balls a safe, reliable means to increase the effectiveness of their core strengthening routines because they are working on an unstable surface. The same is true for free weight trainers who use them as a bench. Of course, beginners - and kids - find these a safe means to core strength building that can be utilized at their own level of expertise.

The range of possible exercise options is enormous - including weight training, abdominal and back training, yoga and just sitting. Try seated turns, leg lifts, marches, simple squats, and back and hip extensions, to name a few possibilities.

When shopping for your exercise ball, consider weight capacity and the height of the ball (you should sit comfortably with hips at knee level or slightly above). Types of exercise you'll be doing, including the adding of free weights, should be kept in mind. Burst-proof balls provide a platform even for the obese user.

Whether improving your posture while watching TV or doing a back extension as part of a full workout routine, you'll find an exercise ball an important new addition to your essential workout equipment.

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Exercise Balls
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